Certification Process

At Revevol quality is very important to us. We therefore strive to choose the best trainers and carefully assess them before hiring.

We look for several qualities in a trainer:

      • in-depth knowledge of the tools;
      • empathetic nature;
      • ability to clearly explain concepts;
      • conscientiousness;
      • professionalism.

Certification process

After we receive your application, we may ask you to complete a short task for us and then if we think you are a good fit we will organise an assessment via video call. During this call we will tell you more about our company and also get to know you better before asking you to a brief demonstration followed by questions. The questions are related to the various features of particular interest to professional users which you will cover in classes.

If the assessment is successful we will enter you into our database of Revevol-certified trainers and then contact you as soon as we need a trainer in your area with your expertise.

Follow-up quality control

Our quality control doesn't stop with the first assessment. After each training session that you deliver you will fill out a short trainer report and we then send a satisfaction questionnaire to participants to find out their thoughts on the training. We can therefore be sure that your training is appreciated and share any relevant feedback.